marine consultancy services

Expert Marine Consultancy Services

Here at ML (UK) Limited we make the most of our extensive history and knowledge in marine engineering and dredging by providing our clients with the expertise they expect when it comes to dredging consultancy.

We incorporate a range of services when providing marine consultancy including pre and post dredge surveys, volume calculations, dredge profiles, risk assessments best methods availability of the necessary plant or even just a friendly chat as well as licensing and project management.

We take a look at your requirements with regards to dredging or engineering and aim to recommend a specific procedure that works for you your clients and the Environment. We can obtain and analyse the materials involved in the contract to identify the most suitable method that will comply with the Marine Management Organisation as well your individual needs.

Should you require us to advise, apply or obtain your marine licensing to undertake any marine engineering procedure which is not limited to dredging we are more than happy to assist you in the process.

Whether it’s a Marine Licence, Harbour Authority Consent, Environment Agency Consent or Planning Permission, we can help you obtain the licences required to carry out the job.

Dredging is a specialist skilled procedure that requires thorough analysis, planning and management in order to sustain efficiency and compliance. We are specialist project management consultants here at ML UK, so you can rely on us to help manage these works, whatever your requirements may be.

Our marine consultancy services also incorporate siltation surveys to monitor sediment transportation for planning of future dredging requirements. We can also obtain the samples of the proposed dredged material required.

If you would like to learn more about our Dredging and marine engineering consultancy services or would like to discover how we can assist your dredging requirements through expert project management assistance, please get in touch with us today by visiting our contact us page.

We look forward to hearing from you.