Quay Works

We have extensive knowledge in the repairs and construction of quay and marina works, the repairs to sheet piling form Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC) a common problem to steel constructed quays tubular and/or sheet piling.

ALWC is characterized by the presence of distinctive corrosion products, a generally non-adherent fouling layer, and localized pitting corrosion. Inevitably, the worst pitting occurs within the local area of active clean steel. There may be an environmental reason for a preferential corrosion site, but on steel sections with rolled shape sections, there is also a macro preference effect.

Together with pitting, this leads to rapid perforation of specific areas of the section. Once perforated, the ALWC attack can continue on both faces of the steel. The holes generally extend vertically above and below the original hole, keeping to the preferred part of the cross-section but also gradually widening.

Just call our team, we can carry out inspection and survey we have suitable access and surveying equipment for most installations.

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