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HMS M.33 restoration

The National Museum of the Royal Navy appointed ML (UK) Ltd to undertake the restoration of HMS M.33, the only surviving ship from the World War One Gallipoli campaign. This exciting National Lottery funded heritage project conserved and restored M.33 in time for her centenary in 2015.

m33 before   m33 after1

HMS M.33 was built in 1915 on the orders of the First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill. She was a floating gun platform designed to bombard coastal positions from the sea. Her first active operation was the support of the British landings at Suvla during the Battle of Gallipoli in August 1915. She remained stationed at Gallipoli until the evacuation in January 1916. She served in the Mediterranean for the remainder of the War and was involved in the seizure of the Greek fleet at Salamis Bay in 1916. After the War, M.33 was sent to Murmansk in Russia to relieve the North Russian Expeditionary Force before returning to Portsmouth to become a mine-laying training ship.

ML (UK) who have already completed successful restoration of HMS Alliance, undertook structural steelwork repairs and preservation works as well as installing an access walkways system allowing the public onboard for the very first time, making HMS M.33 the only warship from WWI open to visitors.

M.33 was unveiled in August 2015 as part of a day of commemorations at Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard and is already proving to be a highly popular public attraction. ML (UK) is delighted to have played a key role in restoring HMS M.33 to her former glory.

HMS Alliance restoration

We have recently completed the restoration of HMS Alliance a 1945 submarine at the Royal Naval Submarine museum in Gosport. This project has been a long running project for us,(almost two years from start to finish)  which has been very rewarding, in that we have managed to restore the exterior of boat to her former glory for many generations to come. Making her a long term display for the future of the museum as well as being a fitting memorial for the thousands of submariners who lost their lives.

We had difficulties along the way , but there’s not many people can say “I rebuilt a second world war submarine”,  completed on time and within budget much to the clients delight.

14 - Alliance Restoration 7 - Alliance Restoration 25 - Alliance Restoration

Relocation of HMS Bristol

The relocation of HMS Bristol has been carried out to allow additional dredging work to be carried out and to provide an increased turning circle and safer access at the entrance to Portsmouth International Port.

HMS Bristol is a decommissioned destroyer now used for training purposes and is moored off the southwest corner of Whale Island. During the works undertaken she was moved to a new mooring about 135 metres to the east along with modifications carried out to the arrangement of the Royal Navy Sailing Club marina.

The Works comprise of the design and construction of, new moorings for HMS Bristol, extending services to HMS Bristol, modifying and relocate the existing marina pontoons, Provide a new access brow

Relocation of HMS Bristol 3 Relocation of HMS Bristol 2 Relocation of HMS Bristol

Spinnaker Tower Works 

One of the ‘pinnacle’ jobs we have completed over the years was the fabrication and installation of the very well-known spire to the spinnaker tower. A 26 metre 13 tonne spire structure with internal access way once fitted at the dizzy height of 173 metres.

We were one of the subcontractors to the main contractors Mowlem working from dredging works for the foundations to piling support works and various plant room steelwork  infrastructure

Spinnaker Tower Works 4 Spinnaker Tower Works 3 Spinnaker Tower Works 6