Steel Sales In Southampton

Steel Sales In Southampton

If you’re an engineer, technician or craftsmen seeking high quality mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium materials for maintenance, facilities management, engineering, welding, fabricating or any other metalwork project, we have a comprehensive range of steel materials available at highly competitive prices. If you require large quantities of your chosen material, we’ll make sure they’re readily available for next-day delivery. We are also capable of cutting and supplying smaller quantities of these materials and getting them to you straight from our stock.

From our base in Portsmouth, we carry out many different types of welding and fabrication jobs, gaining a huge amount of experience in the process. The materials we have worked with in the past include stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium and structural grade steel among others. We have a team of highly skilled operatives onboard who have been processing steel materials for many years, carrying out various processes including cutting to size, rolling, folding, drilling and providing custom steel cuts depending on the sizes you require.

Steel Sales In SouthamptonMild steel is a hugely popular form of metal that is often regarded as the standard choice of metal for the vast majority of fabrication jobs. Its reliability makes it one of very few cheap alternatives to some of the other popular fabrication metals. In most cases, mild steel is painted over or primed to prevent rust from setting in over time.

Another popular fabrication metal is aluminium, which possesses some highly beneficial characteristics that work perfectly in all kinds of metalwork. It is extremely versatile, so you can use aluminium for most metalwork projects including welding and fabrication, while it is also notably light, strong and durable enough to withstand any form of corrosion. Aluminium is also a very good conductor of both heat and electricity.

We have a comprehensive range of steel and alternative metal materials to choose from including parallel channels, universal beams, circular hollow sections, universal columns, equal angles, rounds, flats, squares, rectangular hollow sections, hot rolled plates, square hollow sections, durbar floor plates and sheet metal.  We have plenty of experience and a highly respected reputation when it comes to delivering our stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium materials to both the public and trade in Southampton. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock on the day you contact us, we’ll make sure we deliver it to you the next day.

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