Structural Fabrication


ML UK has been constructing a huge variety of structural steelwork fabrications for many years. We have all the necessary structural fabrication expertise to construct reliable, high quality steelwork. We also use a selection of coating systems from hot dip galvanising, powder coating and high performance marine quality paints. Thanks to our ideal location, which is adjacent to our neighbouring Port of Flathouse Quay, we can facilitate large constructed units for direct shipment via marine plant or sea travelling vessels.

We construct large marine mooring structures that are both sturdy and reliable. They can withstand regular use thanks to the high-performance coatings that we apply to our constructions.  We also construct steel pontoons that re heavily built, galvanised and in excellent condition. Our heavy structural steelwork sections are fabricated to provide outstanding performance through exceptional sturdiness and reliability. Finally, we construct processing plant fabrications, such as hoppers and conveyors, which are appropriately reinforced and galvanised with the necessary high performance paint work.

Our structural fabrication services have made us one of the leading suppliers of steelwork in the local area for over 30 years. We look to achieve the highest standards at all times with our structural fabrication work and make the most of our vast experience in providing for major shipping and construction projects.

If you’d like to discover more about our structural fabrication services, methods or techniques, why not give us a call today and we can take you through everything you need to know, from our construction of large marine structures to the galvanising procedure that brings about the highest performance possible from the constructions that we complete.

Structural FabricatioStructural Fabrication
Structural Fabrication - 15 tonne Dolphin for Gosport Ferr TerminalStructural Fabrication - 15 tonne Dolphin for Gosport Ferr Terminal2
Structural Fabrication - OFJ pontoon completed installation