Why ML UK is the Go-To Bespoke Fabrication Provider

ML UK’s fabricated aluminium fittings for a filtration system together with the original plastic product

Since the 1980s, ML UK has been the go-to provider of custom made steel and aluminium items and equipment, for its customers who span many sectors.

One of ML UK’s regular customers, a large-scale tug operator and marine services provider, often requests bespoke tooled products urgently in order to fulfil a just-in-time task or project.

With around 70 contracts with the MOD and other large organisations, and which operates over 100 vessels in the UK, the customer has come to ML UK with myriad and varied requests for many years.

One such recent request was to produce a hosepipe adapter for a filtration system that the customer was developing, which was destined for use in Portsmouth Docks.

The customer provided the plastic original product, together with the original drawings supplied digitally. Having assessed the sample for any potential issues, ML UK’s team fabricated a number of these fittings in C6 aluminium in its comprehensively equipped workshop.

The customer was delighted with the speed of production combined with the quality of output and is likely to return again soon with another unusual requirement.

ML UK’s Operations Manager, Peter Halkyard comments, “It is always a great complement to have returning business from a major player in its sector, no matter the size or scale of the requirement. Our customers return to us time and time again because they know that we can deliver on time and well within budget, a precisely tooled product that will do the job for many years to come.”

For further information on how ML UK can assist your business’ precision, structural and marine engineering requirements, please contact us on 02392 819114 or engineering@mluk.co.uk.


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