ML Trade Counter delivers the goods!

ML Trade Counter delivers the goods!

Glen Taylor leads the expert team at ML Trade Counter. Coming from an engineering background, he brought to ML an unparalleled wealth of knowledge.

Glen comments, “ML Trade Counter is highly unique in that it can offer both off-the-shelf engineered parts, in addition to hard-to-source and bespoke, precision-tooled items. Over the years we have helped many businesses of all sizes benefit from our knowledge and sourcing ability.

“Take our longstanding customer who is a UK leading defence contractor, who had been purchasing cobalt countersink drills for a new project.

Having seen that the customer had been regularly purchasing these particular stock items, I discussed the requirement with customer and deduced that they should be opting for a diamond-tip countersink drill as it would outperform their current drills.

The ML team and I researched the options and ensured availability, then forwarded drawings to the contractor’s design and production team who agreed that this would be the better option; saving money, time and resulting in a far more precise finish. What is great is that the parts are made-to-order items which means that each individual item is custom made to the exact requirement.”  

Glen continues, “Another time we had a customer who urgently required ID tags having been let down by another supplier. Within 24 hours ML Trade Counter had sourced and delivered the new ID tags which featured UID coding, ready for instant installation. To say they were delighted was an understatement!”

Whether a tiny screw or laser cut build kits, the experienced team at ML Trade Counter has the knowledge and contacts to source it each time, every time. Contact Glen or his colleagues on phone 02392 819114 or pop into the Portsmouth store at PO2 7QH to discuss your specific requirements.